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22-Nov-2017 02:14

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As sure as you do that, you will also reach inside her heart. This is the chance to turn back the clock to when you were dating, when you couldn’t wait to spend every moment alone with her. Her skin, hair, her transcendent eyes pulling you into another dimension. As sure as you do that, you will also reach inside her heart.

I want reassurance that busy-mom me still turns you on.

My circle of friends and acquaintances has become much smaller.

I have had to cope with various health problems alone.

So, how do you spot this guy right from the beginning?

Well, he's usually the guy you meet who immediately wants to be your "friend." Yet, these men aren't just friends with women.

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Although I have grown grandchildren in this country, they live a long way away.He'd rather have somebody that would be a great mother than someone with great passion because 'passion dies.' He's convinced himself of this.

I have always belived that ANY person older than 18 should date ANYONE they wish!! If the younger person wants to have sex or what ever, its their own business and no one else's.… continue reading »

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