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Until the late 1940's fielders gloves had no lacing between the fingers.

These gloves are referred to as "Spit finger" Gloves.

Gruen pointed out in advertising that if a customer wanted to be properly fashionable, he needed to own both a wristwatch and a pocket watch.(via Adored Vintage) The second World War affected just about every household during the forties.Everyone was encouraged to support the war effort in any way they could, and most often this meant through rationing.They helpfully quoted authorities on etiquette who supported this claim. economy was staggering under the effects of the Great Depression—watch sales in the U. had gone from over five million to around 800,000 per year, and most of these were in the lower price range, not the upscale watches that Gruen had sold previously.

Gruen even offered watch boxes that held one watch of each type. After 1929, Gruen began to offer many less expensive watches than they had before, and ad headlines started to mention value and price.Katz came from Katz & Ogush in New York, a watch case company that made 14k, 18k and platinum cases for lady's watches.