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It was mainly an awkward rite of passage that I just had to get through, much like high school but with more bugs. They’re usually filled with awkward icebreakers, overly zealous matchmakers and people way out of my age range who believe 20s-30s is really just a suggestion.So when JDate billed its J-Weekend at Connecticut’s Club Getaway as “summer camp for adults,” I was doubly unenthusiastic.the British series enthralling viewers on both sides of the Atlantic, is the world as imagined by Julian Fellowes: wistful, sharp-eyed outsider and dyed-in-the-wool aristocratic observer.Visiting the show’s creator—as well as its “belowstairs” set and its upstairs, Highclere Castle—David Kamp learns how Fellowes found his calling, why there’s been a To go “belowstairs” at Downton Abbey, one doesn’t actually descend any stairs, but, rather, enters into a drafty, warehouse-like building at Ealing Studios, in West London.

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‘Throw away that list of everything you’re looking for in a man.Gathered at a long, plain dining table familiar to viewers of the series were the dastardly footman Thomas, the glowering lady’s maid O’Brien, the saintly head housemaid Anna, and assorted lesser drudges in the employ of the Crawley family. Right from the opening credits, in which an unseen servant wands a cylindrical feather duster over the crystals of a chandelier and a butler holds a ruler above a place setting to ensure that the flatware is spaced properly, we are whisked into a world that is distinctly based upon the sanctity of the done thing.