Dating antique furniture hardware

02-Jan-2018 07:53

It was often called "The Woman's Work Bench" as no other kitchen utility in the world offered all of the ingenious "Time and Work-Saving" features of the Hoosier Cabinet.Placed anywhere in your home, this Hoosier Cabinet will add Country Elegance and will always be a topic of conversation.However, the pattern of punching (designs & figural images) were meant as decoration as well.In fact, the tin panels of decoration were also used on the other furniture, particularly in the south.The Upper Section also has many prominent features. There is a utility rack on the inside of the right door and a door shelf on the inside of the left door.On the inside of the cabinet there is a Flour Bin w/Sifter, Sugar Bin, Carousol Spice Jar Rack and a Glass Rolling Pin. The upper right door has an Extract Rack and a Coin Tray.

From: Anna Comments I have purchased an old dresser and it has a large water ring on the top. I did try some solvent (antique restorer) that worked well for the rest of the finish, but it did nothing to the water ring. From: Jim Cole Comments If the water ring is white it is in the finish and if it is a lacquer or shellac finish you can use Blush Eraser which is available thru Woodworkers Supply.

Their function was to protect home-prepared food, but their unique art form of punched tin panels endeared them.

Obviously, the punching of holes in the tin panels provided ventilation to allow cooling for freshly prepared foods and to discourage molding.

The Dressing Table has a Sunken Center with a Wide Mahogany Gallery flowing across the back.

There are Scalloping Galleries above the Raised Sides.

If the water mark is black you will have to remove the finish and bleach the wood to remove it.

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