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I was 15 when I first realised my tallness was a turn on to women.

The lighting was low, the music was loud and my stomach was doing the hokey cokey.

Raven is about to blow up like Nick Cannon did, she has the ability to go over the top with her comedy like Lucille Ball instead of being a diva and not wanting to get dirty or look silly!

This show is a riot and now with Hillary Duff leaving Disney it will be a Raven world because we know how Disney gets behind their actors!!!!!!!!!!

But Heidecker is ridiculing, rather than shaming, and his target is the aesthetics of Trumpism more than Trump himself.

For Heidecker, Trump’s movement is a vortex of incoherence straining toward meaning but falling short even of platitude.

” *eyes twinkling with thoughts of babies* Me: Thanks! Even though you may not raise your own kids, it’s important to invest some time, love, and encouragement in the next generation. At this very moment, you may have a 100% I’m-ready-to-get-the-tattoo-and-etch-it-in-stone stance on not wanting to have kids. By now you’ve realized there’s no set pattern we all have to follow.

Don’t spend your life focusing on your own needs 24/7. Circumstances and opinions can change in life, and you have to be open to that.

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I don't understand why Disney does not air That's So Raven on Saturday mornings on ABC like it does with Kim Possible.

We culled them from a diverse range of media—books, TV, movies, cartoons, performance art—and tried to include ones that we felt had been overlooked or were particularly timely. Most of the pre-election comedy making fun of Donald Trump has not aged well.