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Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that there was one sexual assault reported to UNLPD in 2005.

In fact, there were two reports filed during that year. He didn’t know if he was drunk or drugged, but his body froze as his thoughts raced.“I could tell you everything that happened, but there were periods of time where I felt like it was happening to someone else,” Caleb Byers said.

“For most of our trafficking victims this is kind of where we're going to start,” Jamie Manzer said, while giving a tour of the SASA (Spouse Abuse Sexual Assault) Crisis Center where she works.

It’s a place that helps victims of domestic and sexual violence.

The same grand jury also indicted multiple officers of the credit union, including King, for crimes related to the embezzlement of funds from the credit union.

Historian Philip Jenkins explored how heated topics such as the Franklin allegations, whether or not they are worthy of attention or credible on their own merits, are seized by political opportunists for their own purposes.

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As April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, some national and local advocates are worried male sexual assault survivors aren’t receiving adequate support.He said he felt his experience was minimized.“(Society) create(s) this environment where a male sexual assault is not seen as serious for a man as it is a woman,” he said.Byers said he still regularly sees his assailant.“Every time I see him, it sends me on the verge of a panic attack, and my chest gets tight,” Byers said.Byers, who is a senior studying psychology at the University of Nebraska Omaha, didn’t report his sexual assault until about a year and a half after it happened.

With a lack of physical evidence, the police recently dropped the case.

The VIP Center is a confidential resource for Creighton students, faculty, and staff.

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