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27-Aug-2017 16:30

“It was a bit of the surreal moment, I said ‘you’re Daniel Radcliffe’ and he replied ‘I am,’” former police officer David Videcette told , after he witnessed the incident.The victim was very, very shaken up.” The police also released a statement, saying, “Police were called at approximately 6.10pm on Friday, July 14 to reports of a robbery in Hortensia Road. Thinking about Harry Potter losing his virginity is a bit much, but in all fairness Daniel Radcliffe has come a long, long way since those Hogwarts days.He’s taken his acting skills to new heights in films like When asked about losing his virginity the star responded honestly, “I’m one of the few people who seem to have had a really good first time… I’m happy to say I’ve had a lot better sex since then, but it wasn’t as horrendously embarrassing as a lot of other people’s were—like my friend who got drunk and did it with a stranger under a bridge.” LOL! The 25-year-old has opened up about his previous struggles with alcohol abuse and began living a sober life in 2010… “For some people sex might be better drunk, but for me—and the person I’m doing it with—it’s much better sober,” he said.With Watson’s enjoyed, it’s fascinating to consider just how different Watson and Radcliffe’s approaches have been to forging a career after Potter — and how those approaches essentially represent the two different avenues available to actors post-franchise.(Grint works mostly in TV now.) When , neither of which made an impact critically or commercially.The 27-year-old, who shot to fame after being cast as the young wizard at the age of 11, is now worth £78 million - up £4m on last year's figures. Styles recently launched a career as a solo artist and it has gone from strength to strength - with his world tour selling out in just seconds on Friday.He starred as the Hogwarts student in eight films over a period of 10 years and has forged a lucrative career on Broadway and in Hollywood. It meant that his wealth surged £7m - almost double the £4m rise experienced by top young woman film actress Cara Delevingne, 24, whose starring role in superhero movie Suicide Squad helped her wealth increase to £15m.

is an English actor best known for his role as Harry Potter in the film series of the same name.Radcliffe was more or less the perfect leading man for the Harry Potter franchise, the platonic ideal of what most people saw when they read the books.

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