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Lovely city, However they have very poor slum areas in Kenya also, Its just like when people go on about South Africa, when they have many slums full of people too. It is not a question of whether or not Kenya has slums. The issue here is that so many of the first world countries only show the underprivileged side of the nation. The country has not factored in donor aid in its budget the last three years making it one of the first in Africa to attempt sovereignty from donors and the Bretton Wood institutions.


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I hear they've commissioned the start of construction of several superhighways with eight lanes with the help of the Chinese.Does anyone notice that most of the pictures of Lagos in this section are of buildings,hardly any pictures of what life is like on the ground for every Lagosian.

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Plus, some mods just straight up ban you for unjustified reason. But I really need that lag fixed or I won't use the app for weeks till the next update. 1st UPDATE: I'm happy to use this because it just gives me what i want.… continue reading »

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