T i dating tiny

16-Jul-2017 03:33

It looks like they’ll just numb out to the fact that they’ll be seeing other people.It’s only been a few months since news sources revealed that T. and Tiny are ending their 7-year marriage but rumors have been flying that Tip may have already moved on from his marriage with other women. The likelihood of reconciliation is high, so it doesn’t mean husband and wife are really over until they file for divorce and agree that it’s actually over.But what does it mean when one person files for divorce and the couple didn’t come to an agreement that they wanted a divorce?Although Tip initially seemed to want Tiny to call off the divorce, by February of this year rumors were floating around that he was dating other women and he was even spotted on the red carpet of the NFL Network Media party with another woman on his arm. Well, one fan in particular recently decided to bring up the issue to Tiny on her Instagram page and wondered why Tiny hasn’t publicly responded to the rumors that Burgos is sleeping with her husband. You are a strong woman tameka ’cause I would’ve buss tip side his head with a bottle of Hennessy,” the Instagram follower wrote. However, Tiny explained to the woman that she could care less about any alleged side line chick of Tip’s.

As of today the Harris’ are still legally married and appear to be co-parenting well.With the relationship lasting long, and with all of the kids, it just seems like they are supposed to be together. If Tip still feels like his marriage is a distraction, they just may have to part ways.I don’t think they will ever truly be over each other.When someone files for divorce, it usually means that they’re at their wit’s end when it comes to what they can do about their marriage. Rumors swirled that the two were getting to know each other better (again, whatever that means) after they were spotted leaving emojis on one another’s photos.

But does a filing necessarily mean that both parties have the green light to automatically go out and date other people? I ask that question because of all the fuss over whatever is going on between rapper T. There were also reports that they were actually spotted out together in Los Angeles.filed for divorce in December, and while they haven’t even shown up to court dates to make this thing happen (and have been spotted with their children together like a happy family), they haven’t called off the plans to end their marriage.