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As the site is wide open, the quality of comments varies wildly, along with the quality of stories.Earlier in my life, I frequented the site, but I eventually left, as I wanted more constructive feedback than I tended to get there.Anyone can share with anyone, but they need to have a Google account (the only downside I have found). You can share events with anyone and other websites, but I have not found a way to share or put the calendar on another site (but this wasn't one of your requirements! You can select which calendars to show events from and then switch to day / week e.t.c. The green river has been drained and a parking lot has been built. So the existence of the strait between Asia and America was proved and the way from Kamchatka to Japan was discovered. 30 Change the verbs at the end of the line into nouns or adjectives and complete the sentences. We can be sure even without reading history books, that the Greek settled in certain places during ancient times and give them their names with –polis, which means “city” in Greek.

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The name of the city consists of two names because the expedition consisted of two ships — St Peter, commanded by Bering, and St Paul, commanded by Aleksey Chirikov. D Sometimes elements of different languages influence the names of places.

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