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22-Nov-2017 05:39

Sprung's gameplay is reminiscent of classic point-and-click adventure games.

While you don't necessarily directly control an avatar as s/he moves from environment to environment, progress hinges on correctly using items in your inventory (in this case presenting them to the right person at the right time) and deducing the appropriate response to what other characters are saying to you.

There are no descriptions available for Sprung - The Dating Game (E)(Trashman) in our database.

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They'll interact with scantily clad babes and hunks in this "simulation" of the dating scene.

Through a series of discussions, you'll work through a slew of potential suitors on both sides before finally landing your life's love. Unlike the bizarrely addictive DS dating game Feel the Magic: XX-XY, Sprung has no action sequences.

Okay, that's not entirely true; there are some adventure-game sequences where you use certain items during the discussions to influence the outcome.

Instead, it sports the more mischievous and comic side, going no further than scantily clad good-looking guys and gals, and high school-grade sexual humor (in one instance a character refers to someone he dislikes as being a member of "The Circle Jerks").

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The game sports the appropriate "T for Teen" ESRB rating as a result.

The game is extremely repetitive in nature but it doesn't seem that way while you're playing.